Marie-Marshmallow Treats


Marie-Marshmallow treats are fun and oh - so - easy to make. 

They are perfect for birthday parties and can be decorated in any theme and with my 2 kids in primary school there is always an occation to wip up a batch of these treats.  They fly at school bake sale's and is my go - to treat to make.   


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Here's the easy how to:




1 pack Marie biscuits

1 pack Marshmallows


Optional plastic icing to decorate. 




1. Place one marie biscuit on a microwavable plate with a marshmallow on top.  

2. Place plate in a microwave for about 18 seconds (depending on your microwave, keep an eye on it, let the marshmallow expand to fill the marie biscuit, but not go over it's side.)

3. Take out of the microwave and place another marie biscuit on top and squish down. 

4. Roll the sides in sprinkles.  Make sure to cover it all the way around.  (This step has 2 functions, first it looks pretty and tastes good and secondly, it makes it less sticky.)

5. Decorate and enjoy!




Let the kids help, they will love making them and they'll love eating them. 


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