Turtles (TMNT)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - yes I can still remember the old theme song. 


Turtles are Back! and as popular as ever with the boys. 

What I love about this party decorations is the Turtle themed paper lanterns.  Paper lanterns are cheap and easy to find at a China shop near you.

You can make these Turtle lanterns yourself.  Just cut out and glue on the few details and the effect is astonishing. 

And who could miss those adorable apples on the table.  They just jump out at you, while mom's heart can rest easy that she supplied some healthy party snacks too. 


Photo credit:  http://www.getcreativejuice.com/2014/09/tmnt-party.html



Tired of the normal choice of party box or party bucket?  Wow, party pizza box!  

TMNT party favor boxes

Photo credit:  http://www.getcreativejuice.com/2014/09/tmnt-party.html


Here is a Free printable set of Ninja Turtle treat boxes:  http://halegrafx.com/printables/free-printable-retro-ninja-treat-box-set/ 

ninja turtle treat boxes


You got have a stunning cake!  This one with the Turtle's peeking out of the sewer is a show stopper I made a while ago.

IMG 20150103 01707

Very popular is the coloured cake layers, either rainbow layers or colours to match your theme.   Like this one which used the colours of the 4 Turtles. 



Ninja star toss game... the one in the photo used Michaelangelo and Leonardo, with Two teams and whoever got the most stars in the bucket, won a prize.


Photo credit:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/319122323570304604/


Ninja turtle 3D

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