Find some party ideas here about:  your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. 


Spiderman Marshmallow pops, a whole lot easier to make than cake pops. 




Personalised Spiderman bunting, something for the d.i.y. mommy.

spiderman 15


Cake and cupcakes I made. 

IMG 20140913 01510


IMG 20141018 01594


Super awesome Spiderman pinata, ooh the kids will love it.  

This one made by:  Crystelles Pinatas from Durbanville. 

Spiderman 3D


Sure to be a hit!  Check out this fun idea. 

Get little plastic bottles and add a spider.  Either glue on a toy spider or make one from plastic icing to put on top.  Then you just need to fill it with sweets of your choice. 




Wow, now this is a candy table that any kid would like.  


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I especially Love the little popcorn boxes.


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 DSC 7469


Here's how to make Lollipop spiders.  

Instructions:  One Little Project


DSC 7441


DSC 7450


DSC 7454


Easy DIY Spider webs from trash bags

Instructions:  Fast Forward Fun

DIY Halloween decor using trashbags So easy and cheap. fun video tutorial and step by step photos. Fast Forward Fun