Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes are very popular for kids parties today.   Whether you make the cupcakes itself rainbow colours, or just the frosting or maybe even both, they are a delight.


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How to make rainbow cupcakes:


You can use any vanilla cupcake recipe that you like or simply purchase the ready mix at any baking store.   After you have mixed all your cupcakes ingredients you can start colouring your batter.


Simply divide the batter into different bowls.  (As many bowls as the amount of colours you want displayed.)

Add a drop of food colouring to each bowl and mix.  (I use Cake Flora, gel food colouring.)

how to make rainbow cupcakes  


Add a teaspoon of each colour to your cupcake cups.  Your cups should be filled just a little bit over half way. 


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And bake as per your cupcake recipe.  (I bake my cupcakes at about 165 degrees Celcius for 17 minutes)


And voila.  Perfect Rainbow Cupcakes.   (Personally I only use 4 colours for rainbow cupcakes:  Blue, green, yellow and pink, but you can adapt the colours to your theme.  Like blue, red and yellow for Spiderman themed cupcakes.)

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How to decorate your cupcakes with rainbow coloured icing:


After you've baked your cupcakes and let it cool completely, you can start decorating. 

Make your butter icing and divide into different bowls again, to mix the different colours you want.  When I pipe rainbow coloured icing I only mix 3 colours:  Blue, yellow and pink.


There are different ways to ice your rainbow cupcakes, but because I'm always pressed for time, I do the fastest way.  I simply spoon the different colours into the piping bag, trying to get them side by side - so i'll add a scoop of each colour in rounds to fill the bag. 


IMG 9647 


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Then pipe your cupcake in a circular motion.  Your icing will come out a little more blendid, when using this method, but absolutely beautiful. 


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Here is some more rainbow cupcake inspiration:

- Another technique below to fill the rainbow piping bag. 

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rainbow icing cupcakes1 002


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