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It sets the theme... it builds the excitement and anticipation leading up to a special event or birthday party.  This is the important role of the invitation and exactly what Monique Killian (the creative mastermind behind Creatively Yours) does.  She makes your event special right from the start. 

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Let's get to know her better:

How did Creatively Yours get started?

Believe it or not, I ended up in a clinic for depression for 3 weeks and while there, I re-discovered that I loved the way creating and designing made me feel.  It was a feeling that I had lost and I decided that I needed to make a BIG change.

In 2012 with the support of my husband I made a call to give up my full time job and started creating all sorts of goodies trying to find my “passion”.  I made everything from jewellery boxes, favour tins to cards for gifts and special occasions, which were sold at various flea markets.

Then one day I was asked to make birthday invitations, it was an Aloha theme and when my friend saw them and said “that’s amazing, it looks like you have found your niche” – I knew that this was the beginning of what I wanted and needed to do.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Most people find their inspiration on the internet now days and this rings true for me as well.
I love the way images can be used as a means to express the uniqueness in each person and I try my best to bring that forward in my work – I create the invitation around the client.

Why do you do what you do?

A plain and simply answer – it is my passion and my reward!
I absolutely love the reaction of clients when they see the end result – nothing is more rewarding than that feeling.

Tell us more about yourself and your family.

Wow… married 15 years, 2 gorgeous girls and everyone with their own unique personality.
Hubby is my rock, springboard for my wacky ideas and all over support structure.  Sometimes he is my comic relief … lol.
My older daughter takes after me and love creating, drawing and hoarding.
My younger daughter is like her dad, loves reading and electronics, she is also the master of debate – think she could be a good lawyer.

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What are your dreams for your business?

I have 3 dreams – immediate, current and long term.

My immediate dream is to have my clients return to me for any and all events.
My current dream is to include laser cut invitations as well as 3D printing to my portfolio.
And my long term dream, would love to expand my business and be in a position to offer employment to other “creative” and “passionate” individuals.  It would certainly bring different ideas to each project and the opportunities can only be more rewarding

What’s your favourite theme?

How does one pick a favourite?  Goodness – every single one is so different.
I absolutely love kiddies’ themed parties – all the colours and cute images – they are so much fun to create for and there are so many things that can be added.  If I had to pick my favourite for 2017 then I think I will go with “Peanut Elephant Baby Shower” or “Mad Scientist” or “Cute little Monsters”…  OK I just cannot decide.

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What advice would you give to other entrepreneur mommies?

Believe in yourself and never give up on your passion!

What is the best part of your job?

I mentioned above that the reaction of my clients when they collect their order is the most rewarding part of my job - I have had clients crying with happiness and if that is what my work does for others then that is the best part of my job.


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