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Simple Slime Recipe that Works


Are you looking for a Super Simple Slime Recipe that you can make with your kids?  One that actually works. 


Well here's how I make Slime with my kids. 


slime 4



You will need:


White Glue, Clear Glue or Glitter Glue.  I've used them all and they all worked fine. 


Slime Activator

You can make your own slime activator by mixing Half a Teaspoon Borax with a cup of water (250 ml).   That's it!


Food Colouring

Any Lotion


Simple Slime Recipe Instructions:


Depending on how much slime you want to make, you can pour the glue into a bowl.  I just poured the whole little bottle. You can even add glitter glue to the bowl of glue.  




Add food colouring and/or glitter to the mix.  You can play around with colours and ingredients to get different colour results every time. 


slime 1


Add little squirts of Activator at a time (or a teaspoon at a time) and mix with a craft stick or wooden spoon that you don't use in the kitchen.  As you stir you will see the slime slowly start to form as it will start coming together.  


slime activator


Add a little more Activator and Stir.  Repeat this step until slime is formed.


slime 2


Remove slime from bowl and knead with hands.  Add a little squirt of lotion and work it in.




Have fun with your slime. 





If you want to see a mix of slime ingredients like glue, glitter glue, glitter and foam balls, see this fun little challenge video my kids made.


You'll also see what happens to the slime if you add way too much Activator, lol.


Check it out here on Youtube:  

Slime Swith or Keep Challenge




(Please ignore the bad sound quality, it was their 1st video.  I would appreciate it so much if you like their channel while you're at it - Llama vs Ddog)

 Thanks a bunch. 



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Llama party ideas

Yes, Llama's are the new Unicorns of kids parties, or even for grown-ups.  Why not, right?


My kids, especially my daughter is crazy about llama's, probably because her name is Lana, so we just call her Llama sometimes for the fun. 


This is the perfect Summer party theme with bright fun colours. Here are some awesome ideas to throw a beautiful Llama birthday party.



Llama's make for perfect pinata's, just see how cute these are

Idea found on:  Catch My Party


Llama Party Ideas


Idea found on:  Oh Happy Day


Llama Pinata Makeover Web A 0003


These Cakes are justs so much fun


Found these 2 on Pinterest:






 Find the recipe and a whole tutorial on how to make this next Llama cake on Icing Insight




Check out these adorable Llama cupcakes

Idea found on Cupcakes Frenzy


c2a9 esti 20143u4a4827


Perfectly sculpted Llama and decor cupcakes, so beautiful. 

Found on Pinterest



Create some Llama drama with these decor pieces you can easily paint and decorate.

Found on Etsy


il 570xN.1606311443 auh5


Add a Llama picture or sticker to any packet or bucket and create something beautiful

Found on This Sweet Happy Life




 Easy balloon decor idea. 

Found on Twinkle Twinkle Little Party


DSC 1405


Fun Llama balloon idea found on Pinterest



Hope this inspiration helps you create an awesome Llama party. 


Please share your party photo's on our Facebook page I Heart Kiddies Parties

or our Group Party Moms SA 

We would love to see them. 





Mermaid party


Pearls, Teal, Lilac, Starfish and cute Mermaids.


Don't you just love how these metallic balloons sparkle like pearls and the fish net just adds a special touch.  

Find it on:  Kara's Party Ideas


 22Wish We Were Mermaids22 Birthday Party via Karas Party Ideas KarasPartyIdeas.com1



Another pretty mermaid set up.  Fish scale backdrop made from paper plates and the clear balloons at the side is perfect for bubbles. 

Find it on:  Birthday in a box


BIB Mermaid Pic 4


 I found this cute backdrop on Pinterest.




Mermaid tail cake idea.

Find it on:  Catch my Party




Here are some more pretty cake ideas.

Find it on:  Pinterest




Find it on:  Pinterest.



Find it on:  Pinterest.




These marshmallows look great with chocolate mermaid tails and shells made in chocolate moulds. 

Find it on:  Finding Zest 


Under the Sea Party Marshmallows


Find the recipe and instructions on how to make this Mermaid tail cupcakes on:  MomDot 


mermaid cupcake recipe


Make your own Mermaid sprinkles.

Find it on:  I love my disorganized life 


mermaid diy sprinkles i love my disorganized life HERO 683x1024


Bracelets make stunning party favours.

Find it on:  Catch my Party 


il 570xN.1521496618 8bf4


Or let the kids make their own with little bracelet kits you can put together yourself. 

Find it on:  Pinterest




 You can also make your own beautiful centre pieces.

Found these on:  Etsy


il 570xN.1221933329 on4s



Find Loads more Mermaid party ideas on our Pinterest page.